Yukon Blonde - On Blonde

Yukon Blonde - On Blonde



Canadian indie rockers Yukon Blonde return with their anticipated new album, 'On Blonde,' via Dine Alone Records!

'On Blonde' builds on Yukon Blonde's reputation for seamlessly crafted pop songs with infectious melodies and hooks, all the while experimenting with psychedelic, digital and synthetic sounds. Produced by Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Dan Mangan, Sleepy Sun) and mixed by Tony Hoffer (M83, Beck, Foster the People, Air, Depeche Mode), 'On Blonde' effortlessly finds its place in the contemporary indie pop landscape.

"It's a more dynamic and more visceral album than our previous records," explains frontman Jeff Innes. "We were more ambitious writing On Blonde so it's sort of ironic that in experimenting we created a more accessible record than ever before."

Analogue synthesizers, modulating Moog saw tooth leads, and FM soft pads, create an atmosphere akin to city street summer midnight meanderings. Wiry guitars, stabbing or jangly make way for fuzzed out phasing lead tones. This sonic atmosphere permeates through the entirety of the record.

The album is an exercise in pop pleasures ranging from spiky guitar-driven tracks (often recorded with a Dinosaur Jr. flare for the dramatic), to Depeche Mode-dark synth songs ("Starvation"), and irrepressible sing-alongs (lead single, "Saturday Night").

1. Confused
2. Make U Mine
3. Como
4. I Wanna Be Your Man
5. Saturday Night
6. Hannah
7. Your Broke The Law
8. Starvation
9. Favourite People
10. Jezebel