Lucinda Williams - This Sweet Old World

Lucinda Williams - This Sweet Old World



In a rare instance of an artist taking a full-length reconsideration of an earlier work, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams will release 'This Sweet Old World' a complete re-recording of her 1992 album 'Sweet Old World' via Highway 20/Thirty Tigers.

Produced by Williams and Tom Overby, This Sweet Old World recorded to mark the 25th anniversary of the original album's release by Chameleon/Elektra features all-new renditions of the '92 set's 12 songs, some of which have been dramatically rearranged and rewritten.

On 'This Sweet Old World,' Williams is supported by her touring and studio band: guitarist Stuart Mathis, bassist David Sutton, and drummer Butch Norton. Longtime collaborator Greg Leisz who participated in early sessions for the 1992 album, and co-produced Williams' most recent studio album.

1. Six Blocks Away
2. Prove My Love
3. Something About What Happens When We Talk
4. Memphis Pearl
5. Sidewalks of the City
6. Sweet Old World
7. Little Angel, Little Brother
8. Pineola
9. Lines Around Your Eyes
10. Drivin' Down a Dead End Street
11. Hot Blood
12. Which Will
13. Factory Blues (Bonus Track)
14. What You Don't Know (Bonus Track)
15. Wild and Blue (Bonus Track)
16. Dark Side of Life (Bonus Track)