Wheeler Walker Jr. - WWIII

Wheeler Walker Jr. - WWIII



When Wheeler Walker Jr. burst onto the scene in 2016 with his debut album Redneck Shit, most of the country music industry thought of him as a joke. They stopped laughing when the album shocked Music Row by debuting at #9 on the Billboard Country album charts.

By the time his second album was released (debuting at #5 on the Billboard Country album chart), Wheeler was already selling out theatres, and being name-checked by everyone from Snoop Dogg to Chris Stapleton.

Now firmly in the upper-echelons of the country music industry, the Wheeler empire has only expanded, leading to the release of his newest album, "WWIII".
Wheeler had the second biggest selling comedy album of 2016 (behind Lil Dicky), but the music itself is anything but comedy. Accompanied by Nashville's top stood pros, produced by Grammy award winner Dave Dobb (Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Stugill Simpson), and mixed & engineered by 9-time Grammy award winner Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Beck, Paul McCartney), Wheeler has definitely had the last laugh with his last album being the 25th best selling album in the US at the time of it's release. In a format dominated by terrestrial radio (where Wheeler's songs are banned by the FCC), those type of numbers are not just a success story, they're a bona fide phenomenon.