Warbrain - Void Of Confusion

Warbrain - Void Of Confusion



Featuring current and ex members of bands such as Hopeless, Iron Mind and Carpathian, the band has set the bar high amongst other current hardcore acts in Australia and is determined to leave their mark on the Australian Scene.

Influenced by 80's and 90's Hardcore and Thrash metal, Warbrain was formed in early 2009 when Josh Manitta, Kain McWaters and Lloyd Carroll decided to do something different from other projects we had been involved in at the time.

Natural progression for the band lead to Tim Carter and Neil Bloem joining shortly after the groups inception before going on to record their first official release.

After spending the latter months of 2012 writing, Warbrain entered the studio again towards the end of the year to finally begin working on their first full length record.

Drums for the album were recorded at Three Phase Studios in Melbourne with Sam Johnson who has worked with numerous Australian hardcore acts over the years including 50 Lions, Toe To Toe and Mindsnare.

With the intention of having as much control on the overall feel of the record they chose to record the Guitars, Bass and Vocals in house with vocalist Lloyd at 'Itchy Brother' Studios in Melbourne's West.

After tracking was finished, the album was mixed & mastered by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues, Disgrace) at his studio 'The Pit' in Van Nuys CA.

1. Forced
2. Deceit
3. Opressor
4. Hunted
5. Absolute Power
6. Evil Eyes
7. Void Of.
8. Confusion
9. Consumed
10. Origins
11. Empty
12. Scarred