Twin Forks - Twin Forks

Twin Forks - Twin Forks

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Twin Forks is the new band from guitarist/singer Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional fame. The band also features drummer Ben Homola from Bad Books, mandolin player Suzie Zeldin, of Warped Tour vets, The Narrative, and bassist Jonathan Clark. Carrabba figured out the guiding principle for Twin Forks before he even knew exactly what the project would sound like.

During recent solo tours, Carrabba -- whose Dashboard Confessional grew from an intimate solo-acoustic affair to a bona fide arena rock band during the mid '00s -- says he was reminded how important that audience connection had always been to him as a performer. He also knew he wanted to craft a sound closer to the music he'd loved as a kid -- classic folk, country and roots music

1. Can't Be Broken
2. Cross My Mind
3. Back To You
4. Kiss Me Darlin'
5. Scraping Up The Pieces
6. Something We Just Know
7. Danger
8. Reasoned And Roughened
9. Plans For Ya
10. Done
11. Come On
12. Who's Looking Out