Turin Brakes - Invisible Storm

Turin Brakes - Invisible Storm

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Turin Brakes don't hang about. The estimable London 4-piece release their eighth studio album through Cooking Vinyl!

After seven studio albums and a million records sold worldwide, Turin Brakes might've been excused a bit of downtime, however... 2016 saw them return to UK radio playlists with all 3 singles from the critically acclaimed album 'Lost Property', coupled with 18 months touring across the UK, Europe and Australia, with a plethora of festival appearances in between.

The music starts as it has since the beginning - with voices and guitars, and evolves outwards from there the journey 'Invisible Storm' takes runs from the acoustic centre of the band's sound in tracks like 'Deep Sea Diver' and 'Don't Know Much', through to the indie-pop groove of 'Wait' and 'Life Forms' and far beyond into wide-screen space with 'Would You be Mine.

1. Would You Be Mine
2. Wait
3. Always
4. Lost In The Woods
5. Deep Sea Diver
6. Life Forms
7. Invisible Storm
8. Everything All At Once
9. Tomorrow
10. Smoke And Mirrors
11. Don't Know Much