Toy Boats - Diamond Teeth

Toy Boats - Diamond Teeth



Finding an artist that furnishes the heart with something authentically euphonious is a rarity, however with the latest edition to the Resist Records family we have found just that. Echoing the warmth of his hometown Byron Bay, Hugo Costin-Neilsen, performing under the name of Toy Boats, delivers placid acoustic tracks that delight the spirit.

The 2009 summer transition of Costin-Neilsen from singer of hardcore band Dead Ends to acoustic artist Toy Boats mirrored that of his arrival into adulthood. Toy Boats cradles this season of youth with an aroma of hope, heart and a sense of purity that is charmingly raw. His songs are emotional yet avoid sallow self-pity adopted by many acoustic artists and exchanges the unnecessarily verbose with lo-fi simplicity.

Enveloping the grace of a young Bon Iver and eliminating the agony of Bright Eyes, Toy Boats embodies a nostalgic journey where we are all invited, stopping to smell the blossoms along the way.