Tigers Jaw/Balance and Composure - Split

Tigers Jaw/Balance and Composure - Split


Repressed with NEW packaging! Orange Vinyl


Balance and Composure and Tigers Jaw's Iconic 2011 split 12" is an important time capsule for both bands. These eight songs capture the energy of an entire music scene cultivated in Pennsylvania with among peer bands like Title Fight, Daylight/Superheaven and The Menzingers. The bouncy intro of Balance and Composure's opener "Kaleidoscope" sets an immediate tone that carries out through their four songs, ending with the spacey fan-favorite "Rope." Fans of Tigers Jaw may recognize most of the songs on their side of the split from other earlier releases like "Belongs to the Dead." On these tracks, a full-band backing brings those once-scarce songs new life, like on the heavily Twin Peaks-influenced "Lodging" or the saccharine singalong "Jet Alone".

This release has been fully updated with new packaging, including new forest-green cover art and a printed inner sleeve designed by Tigers Jaw's Brianna Collins.

1. Lodging
2. Jet Alone
3. Danielson
4. Dent
5. Kaleidoscope
6. Burdens
7. Twenty Four
8. Rope
9. As Planned