Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones - Little Windows

Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones - Little Windows

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Teddy Thompson and acclaimed American singer Kelly Jones release their stunning harmony duet collaboration 'Little Windows,' on Cooking Vinyl.

Teddy and Kelly first sang together on a George Jones track at LA's Club Largo in 2011. It was love at first note and not long after they embarked on a bi-coastal musical relationship (she in LA, he in NYC) writing the songs that would become 'Little Windows' along with partner Bill DeMain. Inspired by the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly and Sam Cooke, the ten gorgeous songs that comprise this album explore the joy and sorrows of love and the vagaries of the human heart.

Highlights include the wide-eyed wonderment of 'Wondering,' the lingering nostalgia of 'I Thought That We Said Goodbye,' the promises of Make A Wish On Me,' the pleas of 'Don't Remind Me' and the self-deception of 'Better At Lying.'

In keeping with this classic sound, vocally reminiscent of Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons, the album was recorded live to a 16 track tape machine by producer Mike Viola with a crackerjack band featuring Pete Thomas (drums), Davey Farragher (bass), Steve Elliot (guitar), Daniel Clarke (keys) and Teddy Thompson (guitar). Linda Thompson is the executive producer.

1. Never Knew You Loved Me
2. Make A Wish On Me
3. Better At Lying
4. Wondering
5. I Thought That We Said Goodbye
6. Don't Remind Me
7. As You Were
8. Only Fooling
9. You Can't Call Me Baby
10. You Took My Future