The Prodigy - World’s On Fire (Live At Milton Keynes Bowl)

The Prodigy - World’s On Fire (Live At Milton Keynes Bowl)


Double Vinyl

65,000 fans gathered to watch The Prodigy’s World’s On Fire show in 2010. Their set included Firestarter and Diesel Power from 1997's Fat Of The Land, Voodoo People from 1995's Music For The Jilted Generation and Out Of Space from 1992's Experience. Also included are Omen, Warriors Dance, Invaders Must Die and Take Me To The Hospital which all featured on the  Invaders Must Die album.

It was the tremendous success of that album that paved the way to the Worlds On Fire festival, uniting fans who had followed the band since the start with a whole wave of new converts.

(Double LP - Black, Heavyweight, Gatefold album cover.

1 Intro - live 
2 Breathe - live 
3 Omen - live 
4 Colours - live
5 Thunder - live 

Side B
6 Warrior’s Dance – live
7 Firestarter - live
8 Run With The Wolves - live
9 Weather Experience - live

Side C
10 Voodoo People – live
11 Omen Reprise - live
12 Invaders Must Die - live
13 Smack My Bitch Up - live

Side D
14 Take Me To The Hospital – live
15 Everybody In The Place - live
16 Their Law - live
17 Out of Space - live