The Dirty Nil - Fuck Art

The Dirty Nil - Fuck Art



The Dirty Nil new album 'Fuck Art', can be described as a slice of 90s power-pop (think Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids) with a wall of thrashing guitars, an irresistible hook, and frontman Luke Bentham’s charismatic vocal delivery which is melodically sublime yet unrelentingly ferocious.

Of the lead single “Blunt Force Concussion”, Bentham says “Y’all ever felt yourself sliding down the greasy hill of love? Down, down, down you pathetically slide until you reach the bottom. Finally, you find yourself hanging from the cliffs of sanity, above the fiery hell of romance. We present to you ‘Blunt Force Concussion’... We pulled out all the stops on this one: bangin’ ass drum fills, booty shakin’ bass lines, big boi geetars and a thousand dollar chorus. If you don’t like this song, fuck you and the horse you rode in on.”

Along with the previous releases of the pop-punk gem “Done With Drugs” and the hardcore basement rock ode to young love “Doom Boy”, “Blunt Force Concussion” teases what is sure to be The Dirty Nil’s most eclectic collection of irreverently exhilarating and fully indulgent rock n roll to date. The new track follows the announcement of The Dirty Nil’s exciting (and safe) new endeavor: The “Dancing 2 Thrash” Virtual Tour. Hosted by NOONCHORUS, the lives treaming tour will follow the amp-blowing trio as they use the magic of the internet to transplant themselves in venues across North America this month. Brooklyn Vegan recently called them “a band who beg to be seen live”, and now fans will get a chance to experience their balls-to-the-wall, high-velocity live show even during the current global pandemic.

Kerrang has called the trio “ridiculously infectious” while their last album (2018’s ‘Master Volume’) was praised by Vice Noisey as “the album rock ‘n’ roll deserves”. Watch them perform “Blunt Force Concussion” live to see what the buzz is all about.