Taking Sides - Dress Code

Taking Sides - Dress Code



With their debut full-length album Sydney's premier hardcore terrorists Taking Sides drive yet another nail into the coffin of commercial pop-punk pretension.  Dress Code is 11 tracks of blistering old school attitude with a defined melodic edge.

Drawing inspiration from both the pioneers of punk and the brutality of hardcore, Taking Sides have created a sound that is uniquely their own. Formed in late 2002, and featuring ex- members of Toe to Toe, Deadstare and Restraint, Taking Sides has quickly joined the vanguard of Australia hardcore renaissance.

Along with unleashing the highly acclaimed Smash The Windows To the Dead Hearts ep, the hard-working quintet has honed their razor sharp live assault with a rigorous touring schedule that has seen them share the stage with international acts like Sick Of It All, Madball, Comeback Kid, Ignite, Alexisonfire and Good Riddance, not to mention the cream of the local crop including Mindsnare, Parkway Drive, Day Of Contempt and I Killed The Prom Queen.