Sworn In - The Lovers/The Devil The

Sworn In - The Lovers/The Devil The



Sworn In's 'The Lovers / The Devil' experiments with pumelingly heavy metalcore in new ways creating something fresh and different. The result is something that sound like a cross between Bring Me The Horizon and Slipknot!

'The Lovers /The Devil' is a breakthrough, not merely for the Chicago-based heavy music aggregate, but a step forward for the scene itself. With an average age of 21, the five members of Sworn In have delivered a sonic landscape full of unexpected twists and extreme musical The new album not only expands on Sworn In's critically hailed 2013 debut, 'The Death Card,' but also takes the listener on an unforgettable, yet disturbing aural journey.

"The entire CD deals with the concept of love and it's not exactly focused on the positive aspects of love," explains vocalist Tyler Dennen. "'The Lovers/The Devil' details the stages of a destructive relationship, as roles reverse, and the relationship disintegrates."

'The Lovers / The Devil' unfolds with a deliberate, furious stomp matched by unbridled melodic weight, delivering the sonic might that warms the blood of anyone championing modern metal masters like Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon, or nÌ_ÌÇÌ___-metal pioneers, Korn. Supercharged by the grandiosity of Marilyn Manson and the heady atmosphere of Deftones, Sworn In craft creepy, unsettling, down-tuned metal owing a debt to rhythmic pulverize merchants Meshuggah, with the theatricality of My Chemical Romance.

Sworn In is captivating from the get-go - visually, musically and emotionally. They're a band with purpose, with a method to their madness. They strive to convey deeply heartfelt, textured and nuanced emotions, with a goal of empathy, understanding and connection with their audience. People who've been "crazy" by love are not alone. They have a soundtrack to their pain, an outlet in the storm. It's called 'The Lovers / The Devil.'

1. Sweetheart
2. Sugar Lips
3. I Don't Really Love You
4. Oliolioxinfree
5. Waltz
6. Pins and Needles
7. Lay With Me
8. Weeping Willow
9. Pocket Full Of Posies
10. Sunshine
11. Scissors
12. Sour
13. Love Drunk