The Stepkids - Troubadour

The Stepkids - Troubadour



The Stepkids is a trio of singer-songwriters who combine their musical background in funk, psychedelia and jazz with a serious pop pedigree. After individually touring with a number of pop musicians, they formed a band to release their own music, and the result is a gleeful blend of psychedelia, soul, classic jazz, R&B, funk, 70s rock and countless other genres and styles.

Now on their second album for Stones Throw, Troubadour, they consolidate those influences with their experience as touring musicians into a singular musical statement that they wrote, recorded and produced entirely themselves. Troubadour is sure to appeal both to fans of complex instrumental music and catchy pop songs, and is recommended for fans of Steely Dan, Hall and Oates and Todd Rundgren.
The Stepkids join a roster of successful crossover musicians on the indie label Stones Throw. Recent popular acts have included Aloe Blacc, Madlib and Mayer Hawthorne.

1. Memoirs Of Grey
2. The Lottery
3. Desert In The Dark
4. Insecure Troubadour
5. Sweet Salvation
6. Symmetry
7. Moving Pictures
8. Bitter Bug
9. Brutal Honestly
10. The Art Of Forgetting