Starset - Vessels

Starset - Vessels



Starset's new album 'Vessels' is set for release via Razor & Tie.

The sophomore release from the band, helmed by frontman Dustin Bates, is a data-stream rendered in sound where Bates becomes the deus-ex-machina in an age of information overload that is increasingly complex yet ultimately human. Fans received their first taste of the new album with "Monster."

"Monster" made its debut via Siriusxm's Octane channel and the track was also posted to Youtube and in less than a week amassed over 600,000 views in addition to the 550 million views the band has already garnered via songs and user generated content from the first album, supporting great anticipation for new music from Starset.

1. The Order
2. Satellite
3. Frequency
4. Die For You
5. Ricochet
6. Starlight
7. Into The Unknown
8. Gravity Of You
9. Back To The Earth
10. Last To Fall
11. Bringing It Down
12. Unbecoming
13. Monster
14. Telepathic
15. Everglow