Sorority Noise - YNA_AYT

Sorority Noise - YNA_AYT

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Having featured in many of your 'Albums of The Year' lists in 2017, Sorority Noise have acoustically reimagined their 2017 critically acclaimed album "You're Not As ____ As You Think.'

Sorority Noise have also released their new song 'Chelsea Hotel #2', a cover of Leonard Cohen's classic and one of two new songs featured on the new album.

This is the last release from Sorority Noise since the band announced their hiatus in February 2018.

  1.  No Halo (Rearranged 2018)
  2. A Portrait Of (Rearranged 2018)
  3. First Letter From St. Sean (Rearranged 2018)
  4. A Better Sun (Rearranged 2018)
  5. Disappeared (Rearranged 2018)
  6. Car (Rearranged 2018)
  7. Chelsea Hotel No. 2
  8. Second Letter From St. Julien (Rearranged 2018)
  9. Leave The Fan On (Rearranged 2018)
  10. Windowwww?