Shakey Graves - And The Horse He Rode In On

Shakey Graves - And The Horse He Rode In On

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Double Vinyl

Playing a smoky, spectral fusion of blues, folk, and rock in a stripped-down one-man-band style, Shakey Graves is the stage name of singer, songwriter, and guitarist Alejandro Rose-Garcia.

In 2011 Shakey Graves released the first Shakey Graves album 'Roll the Bones', which became an independent success. In 2012 he released a follow up EP 'Donor Blues' and subsequently signed to roots label Dualtone Record finding success with 2014's 'And the War Came' and the digital three day only exclusive 'Nobody's Fool' in 2015.

After years of fan requests, Shakey Graves will officially release two EP's from his collection of rarities and early home recordings - 'Nobody's Fool' and 'Donor Blues' - As a 2LP package.

1. The Donor Blues
2. Doe, Jane
3. Humor Maze
4. Stereotypes Of A Blue Collar Male
5. Alexander, City Born
6. War Horn
7. Good Police
8. Family Tree
9. If Not For You
10. Nobody's Fool
11. Oh My Poison
12. Wolfman Agenda
13. Pay The Road
14. Seeing All Red
15. Love, Patiently
16. Wither
17. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
18. Clearasil (The Ladies)