Recovery Room - Wallflower

Recovery Room - Wallflower



Recovery Room is a Sydney-based emo / indie rock band that began in 2016 as a necessary outlet for frontman Dylan Mallia.

At that time, the band consisted only of Mallia and guitarist Christian Saunders, both having previously played together in Sydney melodic hardcore band 'Clipped Wings'. After an early 2017 self-release, the band permanently established a full lineup by adding bassist Dave Parker (of Sweater Season) and drummer Isaac Ross (of Above, Below).

They spent the year playing locally around Sydney, whilst writing their first collection of music as a full band. The result of this is 'Wallflower', a collection of nine angst-driven, introspective songs written about a range of personal experiences since the inception of the band.

Further experimenting with their particular blend of indie rock styles, Wallflower dives further into a mix of simple melodic ideas meeting occasionally math rock-influenced guitar work. With the exception of drums, which was recorded with Chris Blancato at the helm, the majority of the record was recorded in a tiny Newtown bedroom.

The mixing and mastering portion of the record was left to U.S.A-based producer Jack Shirley, previously of Comadre & Everybody Row, at his Oakland, California studio.

1. The Switch
2. Yippee Kayak Other Buckets!
3. Wallflowers
4. Safety In Separation
5. The Orchid
6. New Reasons
7. Colour Me Blue
8. Agent Michael Scarn
9. A Border Collie Names Melon