Rage - Want To Feel

Rage - Want To Feel


Neon Orange

Want To Feel is the second full length record for Rage and the follow up from their 2019 Won’t Change EP. Want To Feel was written and recorded during the early stages of the pandemic and worldwide lockdowns. As a band Rage have aimed to push themselves into a new direction with Want to Feel and have combined a mixture of genres whilst still sounding very much like Rage.

Stacked with danceable riffs and beats, sing-alongs and whoa-ohs, Rage’s full focus is on wanting you to feel and have fun while doing so.

1 Little Hell
2 Thinking Of You
3 Feel The Vibe
4 Guns For Show
5 How You Do It
6 Head In The Clouds
7 Letdown
8 Harmony
9 Motion Sickness
10 My Own Way
11 Rage As Fuck
12 Gimmie What I Want