The Proclaimers - Angry Cyclist

The Proclaimers - Angry Cyclist



Cooking Vinyl release The Proclaimers' first album since 2015's 'Let's Hear It For The Dogs!'

'Angry Cyclist' finds The Proclaimers at the peak of their songwriting prowess. Instantly catchy hooks and melodies, gorgeous close harmonies, moving, as well as clever and subtle, biting lyrics, great arrangements and fantastic production (produced by Dave Eringa), all on a perfectly sequenced album.

The Proclaimers have always been politically and socially aware artists. On many of Angry Cyclist songs they further skewer the hypocrisy and inequities that they see around them. What is remarkable about their writing is, after 30 years, it would be so easy for them to be cynical, but 'Angry Cyclist' is incredibly positive, hopeful and optimistic: a life-affirming listen. Its' vitality and passion easily puts many artists half their age, or younger, in the shade.

1. Angry Cyclist
2. Stretch
3. Streets Of Edinburgh
4. Then It Comes To Me
5. You Make Me Happy
6. Looted
7. The Hours Between
8. Information
9. Sometimes It's the Fools
10. A Way With Words
11. Classy
12. The Battle Of The Booze
13. I'd Ask The Questions