Jebediah - OIKS (CD)

Jebediah - OIKS (CD)


Jebediah’s sixth album, OIKS, isn’t necessarily the return of Jebediah, who have been consistently active in the time since their last record, but rather, a snapshot of where the band find themselves in the current era.

OIKS was born out of experimentation while in the studio with longtime collaborator – and honorary fifth band member – Dave Parkin (Red Jezebel, Spacey Jane). The result is an album which sees Jebediah feeling content with who they are as artists – not attempting to create the energetic hype of 1997 debut Slightly Odway, but crafting a release which feels representative of modern-day Jebediah.



  1. Bad For You
  2. Gum Up The Bearings
  3. Motivation
  4. Don't Stop!
  5. Rubberman
  7. April Slumber
  8. The Slip
  9. Okay, You Win
  10. Start Again
  11. Aqua - Lung