Petal - Magic Gone

Petal - Magic Gone

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Pennsylvania’s Petal will release ‘Magic Gone’, a 10-song declaration of personal liberation and a look into the mind and soul of singer/songwriter Kiley Lotz.

“’Magic Gone’ is the physical and sonic representation of me ghting for my right not only to survive but live all while coming to terms with encroaching adulthood,” says Lotz. “I was a closeted queer person struggling with chronic mental health disorders; terri ed that if I tried to deal with these two major issues in my life I would lose ev- eryone and everything I loved. Coming out was the beginning of a long and continuing process of self-actualization, of taking a hard look at myself and the problems I had and how I could x them.

This record is the result of being the most honest I have ever been in my life, and the constant battle of overcoming the thought that, “maybe if I were just someone else completely, everything would be better.” ‘Magic Gone’ is about letting go of the anger induced by all the paranoia, anxiety, guilt and pain, and embracing the magic of your own endurance and hoping for the best.”