Parkway Drive - Atlas

Parkway Drive - Atlas



New repress of Parkway Drive’s ARIA certified Gold fourth album, “Atlas” in an exclusive Snowy White vinyl

Recorded in Los Angeles with esteemed producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Hatebreed, Sum 41, Alkaline Trio, etc.), Atlas is the follow-up to 2010's Deep Blue. Yet another creative leap forward, Atlas boasts some of the most up front and confrontational material PARKWAY has ever released, while at the same time taking several unexpected turns into lush sonic terrain, redefining their trademark sound while reinforcing their position as leaders in their field.

Atlas comes hot on the heels of PARKWAY DRIVE's platinum-selling DVD, Home is for the Heartless, a unique travelogue that follows the band's adventures touring to many obscure destinations including Colombia, China and India. According to Winston, the DVD gives an additional insight into the album's lyrical themes, which are closely related to exploration and discovery."Reading the lyrics to Atlas after watching the DVD, I think you will have more of a sense of where we are coming from," he reveals. "The album is called Atlas because it's a combination of the travelling we've done over the past year, while also playing on the idea of Atlas, who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders."

Asked if he feels as though he and the band are anything like the mythological Greek titan, bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders, Winston replies: "I think everybody feels that way at one time or another. It's a heavy place to live, and it's a heavy time to be alive. Some people watch the DVD and go, 'Man, it makes me jealous of your life.' But I think with every expanse of your horizons, you go into another bubble of society where you see that others in the world ain't doing so good. It's one of those things, the more your horizons expand, the more negative things you see. For that reason there is a lot of stuff on this record that is more confrontational than anything we've written in the past."

1. Sparks
2. Old Ghost/New Regrets
3. Dream Run
4. Wild Eyes
5. Dark Days
6. The River
7. Swing
8. The Slow Surrender
9. Atlas
10. Sleight Of Hand
11. Snake Oil And Holy Water
12. Blue And The Grey