Ben Ottewell - Rattlebag

Ben Ottewell - Rattlebag

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As a singer and lead guitarist in rock band Gomez, Ben Ottewell is well known for his unmistakable voice and talent for blistering and inspired guitar solos. Ottewell released his first solo album 'Shapes & Shadows' in 2011, featuring acoustic track 'Take This Beach,' and since then, Ben has been pleasing audiences with a series of successful solo tours across the UK, US and Australia.

On his newest record 'Rattlebag,' Ottewell once again collaborated with childhood friend and his Shapes & Shadows writing partner Sam Genders, previously of Tunng. "Sam and I grew up together in a little village called Bonsall in Derbyshire and have been friends since childhood. I love his songwriting - the stuff he did with his bands Tunng and The Accidental, particularly lyrically."

In autumn of 2013, Ben Ottewell connected with his fanbase to fund the recording of 'Rattlebag' by launching a pledge campaign on Indiegogo. "It seems to be a really honest way to do it," Ottewell said at the time. "Indiegogo lends a kind of transparency into making the record...I feel long-term Gomez followers will really enjoy engaging in this way." The experiment worked well and exceeded his fundraising goal, with enthusiastic supporters from around the world contributing to the recording of the album.

Simultaneously stripped-down and lush, 'Rattlebag' is a collection of beautifully poetic tales of salvation and redemption, of sanctuary and braving rocky seas in search of distant shores. Ben Ottewell's infectious melodies and bluesy riffs will stick with you and beg you to sing along.

1. Rattlebag
2. Red Dress
3. Patience & Rosaries
4. Starlings
5. No Place
6. Edge
7. So Slow
8. Papa
9. Shoreline
10. Stone
11. Distant Shores