oso oso - basking in the glow

oso oso - basking in the glow



If 2016Ì_Ì_́‰ÛÓÌös beloved Ì_Ì_́Ì__Ì_•À_The Yunahon MixtapeÌ_Ì_́‰ÛӕÀ_ found oso oso mastermind Jade Lilitri leaning more into the pessimistic side of his brain, their new album Ì_Ì_́Ì__Ì_•À_basking in the glowÌ_Ì_́‰ÛӕÀ_ is an experiment in its glass-half-full opposite. Over the course of 10 songsÌ_Ì_́Ì__‰ÛҁÊÌ__Ì_̍some with surprise Grand Canyon-sized choruses (The View and A Morning Song), others more like a crushing voicemail message (Intro and One Sick Plan)Ì_Ì_́Ì__‰ÛҁÊÌ__Ì_̍Jade tries to embrace the good, if only because he knows it wonÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓÌöt last very long.

Ì_Ì_́Ì__Ì_•À_basking in the glowÌ_Ì_́‰ÛӕÀ_ is a wrestle, and it is hard work; it's the sound of refusing to capitulate to darkness, every goddamn day. It is a practice, or perhaps a battle plan (Ì_Ì_́Ì__Ì_•À_I see my demise, I feel it coming / I got one sick plan to save me from it,Ì_Ì_́‰ÛӕÀ_ Lilitri sings, his voice and hurried guitar crackling.") It is filled with the delightful, subtle melodic imagination that characterizes the sound Lilitri has perfected with oso oso, but this time, heÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓÌös put this sound to use declaring happiness.

Jade's one sick plan and its bright disposition does falter and fade. The darkness does returnÌ_Ì_́Ì__Ì_̱it always willÌ_Ì_́Ì__Ì_̱but Lilitri has come to terms with it, armoring himself with the good heÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓÌös found. Even as the record ends, Lilitri is clear-eyed, leaving us squarely in the sunlight: Ì_Ì_́Ì__Ì_•À_And in the end I think thatÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓÌös fine / cause you and I had a very nice time.Ì_Ì_́‰ÛӕÀ_

1. intro
2. the view
3. basking in the glow
4. dig
5. one sick plan
6. a morning song
7. priority change
8. wake up next to god
9. impossible game
10. charlie