Monster Truck - Furiosity

Monster Truck - Furiosity



Produced by JUNO-nominated Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Cancer Bats), Furiosity showcases Monster Truck's ability to seamlessly integrate influences from grunge and punk era greats that they love so dearly with alt-sounding, flare-wearing, beard-sportin' vintage rock.

The resulting album remains anchored in grooves, yet propulsive and volcanic, fueled by frontman Jon Harvey's colossal vocal delivery. The crushing first single "Sweet Mountain River" features a highly infectious chorus.

1. Old Train
2. The Lion
3. Power of the People
4. Sweet Mountain River
5. Psychics
6. Oh Lord
7. For The Sun
8. Boogie
9. Undercover Love
10. The Giant
11. Call it a Spade
12. My Love is True