Mindsnare - Unholy Rush

Mindsnare - Unholy Rush



Mindsnare's ferocious blend of unrelenting thrash mixed with old-school influences results in a savage, unique and uncompromising sound that is welcome, refreshing and undeniable.

Not only have Mindsnare been one of the most influential bands of the past decade there's no doubt that their best days and most crushing music is ahead of them.

On March 10, 2017, Mindsnare released two 7" EPs ("Into Infinity" and "The Holy Bull Rides Fast") in limited capacity as a precursor to 'Unholy Rush,' with the pre orders of these selling out within 24 hours.

Engineered by Jason Fuller at Goat Sound, mixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, produced by Jason Fuller and Beltsy. Cover illustration by Sawblade.

1. Intro
2. Winter
3. Lacerate To Exist
4. Unholy Rush
5. Into Infinity
6. Gateway To Madness
7. The Inquisition
8. The Holy Bull Rides Fast
9. Nowhere To Run
10. Escape The Fallout
11. Not A Lot Gets Forgiven
12. Witches With Blood
13. Buried Alive