Cancer Bats - Psychic Jailbreak (Custard Vinyl)

Cancer Bats - Psychic Jailbreak (Custard Vinyl)

$24.99 $49.99

Custard Vinyl



Side A
1 Radiate
2 The Hoof
3 Lonely Bong
4 Friday Night
5 Hammering On
Side B
6 Crocodiles
7 Shadow of Mercury
8 Keep on Breathing
9 Pressure Mind
10 Rollin Threes
11 Psychic Jailbreak

From: Liam Cormier...

New PJB Vinyl! ITS FINALLY HERE! I know the world has been asking about vinyl so we're happy to say that the WORLD will have vinyl in their hands by mid October.

We're starting the pre orders on Aug 18th to make sure that everyone gets their orders in and we have them all ready to go!

We wanted to hold off on taking orders until we knew from the pressing plant that they had all our colours in stock and are starting to melt the gooey goodness for your listening pleasure. PLUS we knew we had time to make sure the tunes were sounding THICK! These mighty be the beefiest vinyl pressings in our Bats history!!

So thank you for being patient and we cant wait for everyones ears to be BLASTED!!!

LC “I had been listening to Witch Fever a bunch and getting excited for the tour, I just thought Amy’s voice would fit the song perfectly and really kick it up a notch and I couldnt be happier with how it turned out. It went from being one of my fav tracks on the album, to my now MUST PLAY song of tour!”

Everyone in the Bats camp cant wait to keep the vibes rolling this fall with so many amazing shows coming up with all our new friends in Witch Fever and XL Life and our old pals CBK when we continue crushing Canada together!