Lissie - My Wild West

Lissie - My Wild West

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'My Wild West' is Lissie's third studio album; it is a celebration of new adventures to come as she moves back to the Midwest and waves goodbye to her life in California.

"I want my 40 acres in the sun," sings Lissie on "Hero;" written before she had made the decision to leave California, the song revealed her sub-conscious desires and predicted the changes to come. It details Lissie's struggles with life on the West Coast and the inner strength she gained from overcoming her problems to forge her own path: "I could have been a hero, I could have been a zero, I could have been all of these things."

Growing up in possession of a strong rebellious streak surrounded by the memory of steamboats and railroads of past, acclaimed songwriter Lissie has returned home to the Midwest after spending several formative years in The Golden State.

Lissie's two previous albums, 2010's 'Catching a Tiger' and 2013's 'Back to Forever,' both hit Top 20 in the UK charts with the former record going Gold. Her songs have been licensed for countless films and TV shows, topped numerous Best Of polls whilst "The Longest Road," a song she wrote with DJ Morgan Page was subsequently remixed by Deadmau5 and nominated for a "Best Remixed Record" Grammy. Her new album, 'My Wild West,' recorded in Nashville with her producer Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses), her band in Ojai and executive producer Curt Schneider in his Studio City home, is Lissie's most personal effort to date.

1. My Wild West Overture
2. Hollywood
3. Wild West
4. Hero
5. Sun Keeps Risin'
6. Don't You Give Up On Me
7. Stay
8. Daughters
9. Together Or Apart
10. Shroud
11. Go For A Walk
12. Ojai