Level - Ignorance Is This

Level - Ignorance Is This


7" Vinyl

Hardcore is and always was meant to be more than just loud music, for some of us it's amongst other things, a teacher, a mentor, a therapist and a faith.

In 2012 two friends, Pete Abordi and Luke Weber found themselves living in the same city reminiscing about all the great hardcore bands they grew up listening to who helped pave the way and who more importantly shaped them into the people they have become. Bands who not only had a crushing soundtrack but also a just as powerful message

That same year Level was formed.

It's been a long journey already up until this point, but on the eve of the release of their debut 7", Ignorance Is This, Level is ready to leave their mark.

With Pete Abordi (No Apologies) back on the microphone, Luke Weber (Shotpointblank) on drums, Lachy Pitcher and Liam Anderson (both from Reactions) on guitar and bass respectively and Adelaide Hardcore stalwart Tommy D (Day Of Contempt) rounding out the band on second guitar, Level has a solid mix of personnel who's experience has been forged in the flames of chaos and they are ready to go again.