Less Than Jake - Gnv Fla

Less Than Jake - Gnv Fla



Almost as a tribute and a celebratory appreciation of their roots, ska-punk all stars Less Than Jake (LTJ) have named their album GNV FLA after their hometown of Gainesville, Florida.‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_ Set for release on Monday 23rd June, this release marks the debut of their first new material on the new self-owned and controlled indie label Sleep It Off Records, which is licensed to Cooking Vinyl in the UK.‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_ Just last month, the label re-released four of the bandÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì__�Õ̩s early titles with expanded DVD content Ì_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì_ÌÇÌ_•À_Ì_ÌÇÌ_å« Pezcore; Goodbye Blue & White; Losers, Kings and Things We DonÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì__�Õ̩t Understand and the DVD The PeopleÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì__�Õ̩s History of Less Than Jake.

Embarking on a whole new journey as independent artists in control of their own destiny, LTJ have decided to revisit their roots not only in spirit (and the album title) but also in their music.‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_ A return to form that could be called the Ì_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì_ÌÇÌ_•À_Ì_ÌÇÌ_̤traditionalÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì__�Õ̩ Less Than Jake sound, complete with their trademark bouncy ska grooves and horns galore, GNV FLA comes full circle with the bandÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì__�Õ̩s beginnings, when they were scrapping up money from gigs to augment their Pez collections.‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_ Recorded at Atlas Studios in Chicago and produced by Matt Allison (Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, The Falcom), this album is a surefire testament that, once again, proves why LTJ have one of the most durable and faithful fanbases that stretch from the top of Canada to the bottom of South America and spans both sides of the globe.

A sobering look at the realities of Gainesville in particular but with a universal eye to the everyman living in every small city in the US in these down economic times, GNV FLA is by no means a depressing record, but instead a hopeful and positive one.‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_ By pointing the microscope on folks like single mothers, drug dealers and other common city characters, LTJ celebrates their lives and pays tribute to those who are forgotten.

1. City Of Gainesville
2. The State Of Florida
3. Does The Lion City Still Roar
4. Summon Monsters
5. Abandon Ship
6. Handshake Meets Pokerface
7. Settling Son
8. Malachi Richter's Liquor Quicker
9. Golden Age Of My Negative Ways
10. The Space They Can't Touch
11. Conviction Notice
12. This One's Gonna Leave A Bruise
13. The Life Of The Party Has Left The Building
14. Devil In My DNA