Seth Lakeman - Word Of Mouth

Seth Lakeman - Word Of Mouth

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Seth Lakeman has been at the forefront of the re-emergence of British folk, his new album 'Word Of Mouth' is a defining album for his storied.

It keeps the stripped-back storytelling but embellishes it with a denser, fuller version of Seth's hauntingly melodic style.

Seth has bared his traditional folk roots more than ever before with 'Word Of Mouth'. The sound is deeper and more dramatic than previous albums, in part owing to Seth's recruitment of producer Ian Grimble, a veteran of Abbey Road studios whose CV includes The Manic Street Preachers, Beth Orton and Cat Stevens, produced and mixed the album.

1. Wanderer
2. Another Long Night
3. Courier
4. Labour She Calls Home
5. Bells
6. Last Rider
7. The Saddest Crowd
8. Tiger
9. The Ranger
10. Bal Maiden
11. Each Man
12. A Portrait Of My Wife