Fela Kuti - Koola Lobitos / 69 Los Angeles Scene (CD/DVD)

Fela Kuti - Koola Lobitos / 69 Los Angeles Scene (CD/DVD)

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'Koola Lobitos 1964-1968 / The 69 Los Angeles Sessions' is a 2CD set which unearths a series of previously unreleased sides recorded between 1964 and 1968 with Fela's first band, Koola Lobitos. These songs are steeped in the style of highlife jazz that was popular in African clubs, a fiery hybrid of Latin jazz, rhythm and blues, even calypso.

With most of the vocals sung in his native Nigerian, the music is bubbling over with punchy brass arrangements, simmering percussion, and bass grooves that mortar the sound.

Recorded in 1969 under duress courtesy of the Department of Immigration and Naturalization, the 'Los Angeles Sessions' are among the earliest glimpse of Fela Anikulapo Kuti's developing Afrobeat sound.

1. Highlife Time - Fela Kuti
2. Omuti Tide - Fela Kuti
3. Ololufe Mi - Fela Kuti
4. Wadele Wa Rohin - Fela Kuti
5. Laise Lairo - Fela Kuti
6. Wayo (1 version) - Fela Kuti

1. My Lady Frustration
2. Viva Nigeria
3. Obe (Stew)
4. Ako
5. Witchcraft
6. Wayo (2 version)
7. Lover
8. Funky Horn
9. Eko
10. This Is Sad