Fela Kuti - Best Of The Black President (2CD)

Fela Kuti - Best Of The Black President (2CD)



Fela Anikulapo Kuti was a transformational figure not only in Africa, but throughout the world.

Very few individuals can lay claim to being the creator of a genre, yet Fela's Afrobeat, a fusion of jazz and funk fundamentals with traditional African music, is one who can be deemed at the forefront and creator of the medium.

Best of the Black President is a window into the world of Fela Kuti and his expansive songwriting career. With over 45 albums available, it is hard to pinpoint an individual who wrote hours upon hours of songs, many of which were never recorded, yet Best of the Black President is truly one of the best snapshots at the prolific life and output of one of Africa's most beloved musicians.

Some of Fela's most popular and controversial tracks are covered in this collection, giving those who need an introduction to the man a first glimpse into his epic life and storytelling style. While it is debatable what is Fela's best song, it is undeniable the impact his work had on human rights for the people of Nigeria and bringing a greater consciousness to the injustices of those who prey on the less fortunate.

A controversial figure in life and after death, Fela's legacy will always live in his music and his mythological life story.

1. Lady
2. Shakara
3. Gentleman [Edit Version]
4. Water No Get Enemy [Edit Version]
5. Zombie
6. Sorrow Tears and Blood
7. No Agreement, Pt. 2
1. Roforofo Fight
2. Shuffering and Shmiling, Pt. 2
3. Coffin for Head of State, Pt. 2
4. I.T.T, Pt. 2
5. Army Arrangement, Pt. 2
6. O.D.O.O [Edit Version]