King Khan Unlimited - Opiate Them Assess (Limited Edition - Clear with Aquamarine & White Splatter vinyl)

King Khan Unlimited - Opiate Them Assess (Limited Edition - Clear with



Originally released in 2021, this limited edition repress features a clear coloured vinyl with aquamarine and white splatter.


Opiate Them Asses is not simply a "slab of pure punk rock mayhem”. Addressing a smorgasbord of topics, it is an album chock full of stinging social critique delivered with wit and a wry smile.

Canada's wildest monarch King Khan has pulled together his dream line up of Bordeaux's finest rock n' roll lifers, The Magnetix and Fredovitch (from King Khan & The Shrines) to form punk supergroup, King Khan Unlimited.

With topics ranging from Vice President Mike Pence's affinity for Gay Conversion through electrocution, the plague of Narcissism rotting the fabric of humanity, to the complicated topic of Pigment as related to the tidal wave of racism all over the world, King Khan not only shares his very poignant social criticisms but he wraps them around a very solid foundation of classic punk (Ramones, Dead Boys, Electric Eels).



  1. Bedwetter
  2. Narcissist
  3. Magpie Eyes
  4. Opiate Them Asses
  5. Al Capone's Syphallytic Fever Dream
  6. Crime Don't Pay


  1. Foaming At The Mouth
  2. Modern Frankenstein
  3. Do You Wanna Get Hurt
  4. Pigment Of Your Imagination
  5. I am a Kamikazi
  6. Play Safe