K-OS - Can't Fly Without Gravity

K-OS - Can't Fly Without Gravity



'Can't Fly Without Gravity' marks the follow-up to 2012's double-LP concept album 'Black on Blonde!'

The songs on it hear K-os continuing to navigate the divide between rock and rap music, trying to find balance between "hip-hop's penchant for rapid-fire releases and perpetual stylistic mutation" and "the more measured approach and timeless aspirations of rock'n'roll artists."

His music stretches genre boundaries even further on 'Can't Fly Without Gravity,' consciously crafting music for a "post-EDM pop landscape." "Turn Me Loose" is a nod to fans of dance music, while "Steel Sharpens Steel" hears the musician showing off his punk side.

The latest single "Crucify" is yet another experiment in stylistic exploration, using samples reminiscent of Old Hollywood to support his modern, timely rap verses.

1. Snapback
2. WiLD4TheNight (EgoLand)
3. Dance In Yo Car
4. Hussle & Flow
5. Get Up
6. Crucify
7. Vous Deux (Denzel Washington)
8. Boyz II Men
9. Rap Zealot
10. Spaceship
11. Turn Me Loose
12. Steel Sharpens Steel (Still In Love)
13. Another Shot - A.S