Iron Mind - Iron Mind

Iron Mind - Iron Mind



Since forming in 2006, Iron Mind have marched forward to earn their reputation as one of the country's top hardcore bands and after writing and touring solidly for the past 2 years, the group are ready to unleash their self-titled follow-up to 2011's "Hell Split Wide Open".

To record their sophomore long player, the five-piece moved into a cabin, deep in Victoria's Dandenong Ranges. This time with Melbourne based, Mike Deslandes (whose production credits include Blkout, Robotosaurus, Coerce, and Confession) at the desk. After establishing their sound with Hell Split Wide Open and countless live shows, IRON MIND have taken the time to progress and perfect their brand of hardcore and have found the right fit with Deslandes to push that sound, and capture what they have come to be known for with their live set.

1. T.I.M.E
2. Divide
3. Praise
4. Shadows On The Wall
5. Victim
6. Blood Brother
7. Rest My Case
8. Hell split Wide Open
9. Forgive Me
10. Bleed To Succeed