Mayer Hawthorne - Man About Town

Mayer Hawthorne - Man About Town

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Grammy nominated recording artist, Mayer Hawthorne, is pleased to announce the release of his fourth full-length record, entitled 'Man About Town,' via Vagrant Records.

On 'Man About Town,' Hawthorne is back to handling the lion's share of production. He also played damn near every instrument on the album and penned every track. His songwriting pulls from his life and observations; his heartache and joy.

Sometimes it's groovy, other times he's vulnerable and sincere. It's the shit people listen to when they wanna get drunk and stoned and sentimental. The reason? Mayer Hawthorne stays making that timeless, soulful, baby-making music.

1. Man About Town
2. Cosmic Love
3. Book Of Broken Hearts
4. Breakfast In Bed
5. Lingerie & Candlewax
6. Fancy Clothes
7. The Valley
8. Love Like That
9. Get You Back
10. Out Of Pocket