H-BLOCK 101 - TAPES 1996-1999

H-BLOCK 101 - TAPES 1996-1999



Forming in early 1995,‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_H Block 101‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_soon gained recognition as one of the more energetic bands to come out of what was a seemingly dull music circuit.

Playing distinctively untrendy late 70s influenced punk rock,‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_H Block 101‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_also mixed in alot of other influences ranging from reggae to soul and back ‰۪‚ՕÀ_ no rules or boundaries. From the start the band wanted to say something with their music and the socially aware lyrics lay testimony to this.

Between 1995 and 1999,‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_H Block 101‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_went on to release 2 eps, 2 7" vinyls and 2 albums independently. 2000 saw the band sign to Universal Records for the release of 3 eps and a double album. 2005 sees‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_H Block 101‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_join the Resist roster to release‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_The H Block 101 Tapes 1996 ‰۪‚ՕÀ_ 99, a CD comprising of the‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_A Voice In The Crowd‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_ep, the long out of print‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_No Room For Apathy‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_CD,‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_Synergy‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_ep plus 8 bonus tracks.