Despite a five year gap between releases much adored Ballarat-via-Melbourne five piece Gold Fields has never really stepped away from the coal face.

Apart from a few months hiatus immediately following a near constant four year touring schedule surrounding the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Ì_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì_Ìǒ�ՕÀ_Black SunÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì__å´ÌÜ_ (2013) the band has essentially been writing and recording nonstop.

Comeback single Ì_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì_Ìǒ�ՕÀ_GlowÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì__å´ÌÜ_ and the accompanying EP of the same name saw band members Vin Andanar And Ry DÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì__�Õ̩Sylva converge to oversee the breathtaking production of Gold FieldsÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì__�Õ̩ latest.

The EP was brought to life between home studios in Ballarat, Melbourne and a beach house in Ocean Grove before mixing duties were handballed to revered Australian producer Tony Espie, best known for his work on both Avalanches albums.

Whether listeners old or new Gold FieldsÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓ̤Ì__�Õ̩ chief focus is to please.

1. Solar
2. Glow
3. Waterfall
4. Solar (Instrumental)
5. Glow (Instrumental)
6. Waterfall (Instrumental)