Gogol Bordello - East Infection (2018 Reissue)

Gogol Bordello - East Infection (2018 Reissue)

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This is a reissue of the 'East Infection' EP by Gogol Bordello, originally released in 2005 prior to the album 'Gypsy Punks.'

It consists of leftover tracks from that album's sessions.

Gogol Bordello is an American punk band from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, formed in 2002 and known for theatrical stage shows and persistent touring. Much of the band's sound is inspired by Gypsy music mixed with punk and dub.

1. East Infection
2. Ave. B
3. Mala Vida
4. Copycat
5. Strange Uncles From Abroad
6. Madagascar-Roumania (Tu Jesty fata)
7. Never Young Again