The Get Up Kids - Kicker EP

The Get Up Kids - Kicker EP



The Get Up Kids are a band that grew up in public. Since forming in Kansas City in 1995, they've established themselves as a group whose music withstands trends and transcends the superficial in favour of something that stands the test of time.

The four-song Kicker EP is the newest addition to their catalogue of influential EPs (such as 1997's Woodson and 1999's Red Letter Day), as well as their first new release since 2011's LP There Are Rules.

Correspondingly while the band's early releases were written while the band members were entering their twenties, Kicker sees them in their forties, and the songs show a perspective that can only be learned from experience.

The Get Up Kids have never been afraid to try something new, but the songs here - recorded over the course of the last year at Fire and Ice studio in Baldwin, Kansas - mark a full-circle breakthrough for the band. Kicker retains that carefree idealism - capturing the fresh urgency of their most revered releases - while proving that their journey is still unfolding. The Get Up Kids may have grown up but they haven't become jaded.

The Get Up Kids have toured Australia numerous times over the last 15 years, since the release of the landmark album Something To Write Home about, they have a large and loyal Australian fan base that Cooking Vinyl Australia will be actively marketing towards.

1. Maybe
2. Better This Way
3. I'm Sorry
4. My Own Reflection