Gallows - Desolation Sounds

Gallows - Desolation Sounds

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'Desolation Sounds' is Gallows album number four. Ten songs, 36 minutes and perhaps the most bleakly beautiful, weighty and affecting collection of music you will hear this year.

Hailed as "The best British punk band since The Clash," Gallows hammered an adrenaline spike into the body of the British music industry with the release of 2006's 'Orchestra Of Wolves' and 2009's savage, unflinching state-of-the-nation address 'Grey Britain.' The departure of original vocalist Frank Carter shortly after, offered the band an opportunity to re-assess the chaos that had been wreaked. Re-affirming their commitment to the punk rock cause, the band re-emerged in 2012 with a new vocalist, former Alexisonfire man Wade MacNeil, a new self-titled album, a new label (their own Venn Records) and a new-found sense of self-determination and purpose. 'Desolation Sounds' represents the thrilling next stage of this re-birth.

"I think the last record ['Gallows'] had us moving away from a uniquely British identity when I came on board, and this time we're kinda taking the Gallows outlook mondo chaos - to a global level," MacNeil says. "We have a certain way of looking at the world, and because we spend our lives travelling, our perspectives are so much broader than those represented on the earliest records. I think through your own will you create your own world, and the four of us just happen to be quite dark people there's no doubt that trouble follows Gallows around! This album is an investigation of that, and as a result, it's more personal and more spiritual than anything before."

Produced by Steve Sears at Titan Studios, Watford UK, 'Desolation Sounds' is a collection of songs which expand upon the visceral charge of the uncompromising Gallows sound while incorporating textures, tones and shading which demand a re-definition of the notion of 'heavy' music.

1. Mystic Death
2. Desolation Sounds
3. Leviathan Rot
4. Chains
5. Bonfire Season
6. Leather Crown
7. 93 93
8. Death Valley Blue
9. Cease To Exist
10. Swan Song