Fela Kuti - Live In Amsterdam (CD)

Fela Kuti - Live In Amsterdam (CD)



Despite the diabolic manner in which the military regime, in their transition to civil rule programme, eliminated young political movements from contesting the 1979 general elections in Nigeria, Fela continued the struggle in the name of his unregistered party the Movement Of The People (MOP).

He made political statements critical of the military and their civilian successors. Movement Of The People Political Statement 1 is one such stated opinion. In his habitual sarcastic manner, Fela starts the song saying: "Before they turn us into monkey with tail Let us hear some important things! That our governments is hiding from us we will expose them"

Delving into some history, he says: "..we have to talk about long time ago", referring to the history of Eko (Lagos), before the arrival of the British colonial administration. How the British used their 'divide and rule' tactics to gain a foot-hold in the coastal regions, thus paving the way for their eventual colonization of the entire country.

1. M.O.P (Movement of the People): Political Statement Number 1
2. You Gimme Shit I Give You Shit
3. Custom Check Point