Clever Species - Modern Problems

Clever Species - Modern Problems



After being approached to posthumously record a song for a Perth Hardcore / Punk compilation being put together by good friend Rohan Harrison, JAWS agreed and locked in some studio time to lay down a new a track for the compilation.

The day before the song was due to be recorded JAWS drummer was unable to fly back to Perth for the session, leaving the remaining three members, two of whom have evolved into beings proficient at more than one instrument, to go ahead with the taping so as not to waste the studio time.

Aaron stepped his role up to include guitar as well as vocals, Rhys played lead guitars after laying down the drum tracks and Chris played bass, just bass. Pleased with the final mix, they decided to form a new band and write an entire record as the style of music began to evolve. CLEVER SPECIES was formed and after a few months of gestation, "Modern Problems" was the result. Recorded with Al Smith at Bergerk! Studios, "Modern Problems" features eleven songs borrowing heavily from a vast array of influences: Wipers, Bad Religion, Turbonegro, Poison Idea, Rupture, Black Flag and The Meanies.