Mariachi El Bronx - Mariachi El Bronx (I)

Mariachi El Bronx - Mariachi El Bronx (I)

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Los Angeles based punk band "The Bronx" - aptly named after the left coast borough - has redefined what punk means, sounds like, and doesn't look like. After 3 self titled full lengths, countless tours all over the world, more 7 inches and eps then one can count, the band returned in 2009 with their offering, yet another self titled full-length: Mariachi El Bronx.

'Mariachi El Bronx' touches on many facets of mariachi music, the most well know being norteno as well as jorocho, wasteka, bolero and corridos. It may seem strange for a band that blasts the audience into outer space every night to take this direction, but mariachi music is every bit as much of a soundtrack to southern California as punk. They are seamlessly intertwined.

1. Cell Mates
2. Litigation
3. Despretador
4. Quinceniera
5. Silver Or Lead
6. Sleepwalking
7. Slave Labor
8. Clown Powder
9. Holy
10. My Brother The Gun
11. My Love