Haley Bonar - Impossible Dream

Haley Bonar - Impossible Dream



Cooking Vinyl Australia, Thirty Tigers, and GNDWIRE are thrilled to introduce Canadian singer-songwriter Haley Bonar to Australian audiences, by way of her newest album, 'Impossible Dream.'

'Impossible Dream' has already been receiving glowing reviews stateside, with its irresistible and introspective indie pop tunes, all delivered with Haley's bittersweet timbre.

The album is accompanied by a brand new music video for the single "Called You Queen' "the follow up track to the album's lead single "Kismet Kill," which has already been enjoying ample airplay on Australia's taste-making radio stations.

'Impossible Dream,' like all of Bonar's work, gains its power from a combination of the personal and universal, revealing a widescreen look at the world, touching on issues of sexuality, jealousy, and the fragile ties that bind relationships together. If they connect with your circumstance and the cultural conversation at large, that's just a welcome coincidence. "Those things have always been relevant to me," Bonar says. "Those conversations have been happening my entire life."

Since she started releasing music in 2001, the 33-year-old singer/songwriter has been building a fan base slowly and steadily, while remaining in complete control of her art. As with all of her prior albums, Bonar wrote and arranged all the songs on 'Impossible Dream.' She also co-produced the record with Minneapolis mainstay Jacob Hanson. Chances are she'd be making this music even without the support of a label or her many fans around the world. But, just as the title of this new album suggests, she's living out her wildest and most impossible dream right now.