Beerwolf - Year Of The Dog

Beerwolf - Year Of The Dog



Beerwolf is a punk rock band from Redfern in Sydney. The band started in 2016 with the interchangeable goals of an excuse to hang out more and try to play some shows. 

Year Of The Dog is Beerwolf's 2nd LP and will be released on Resist Records (Parkway Drive, Polaris).

For fans of Good Riddance, The Offspring, Strung Out and Mid Youth Crisis. Recorded at Ghostnote Studio, Adelaide in August 2018. Mixed by Evan McHugh. Mastered by William Bowden.

1. Eat Shit
2. Hook Line Sinker
3. We Owe Money
4. Sell The Space
5. Preying On The Weak
6. Rust And Decay
7. Its Still Dark
8. Lions Den
9. Yeah Nah, We Get It
10. Dirt Scene
11. To Hell With It
12. Violins