Bare Bones - Bad Habits

Bare Bones - Bad Habits



All swagger and recklessness, Bare Bones bring an intensity to Australian punk/rock that belies the fact that they've only got two EP's under their belt. A suspenseful maelstrom of off-kilter guitars a-la Every Time I Die, this is sweaty and visceral feisty rock music that bears shades of The Bronx at their most relentless.

'Bad Habits' is a natural progression from Bare Bones' two EP releases 'Villians' and 'Cut Throat Living.' There's more melodic dynamics in these songs, but they're balanced by tones and riffs more crushing than ever.

  1. Thick As Thieves
  2. Ravensburg
  3. Deathbed Visions
  4. Midnight Climax
  5. Skeleton Key
  6. Strange Brew
  7. White Knuckles Black Tar
  8. The Forgotten Fear And Fury
  9. Diamond Cutter
  10. Heavy Burner
  11. Dead Man Walking
  12. Copper In The Cast