Asleep At The Wheel - New Routes

Asleep At The Wheel - New Routes



'New Routes,' the brand-new album by Asleep At the Wheel, marks both a new path forward and a nod to the freewheeling roots of one of Texas' most beloved bands.

After a decade of collaborating on record with friends, including Willie Nelson on 2009's "Willie and the Wheel," and paying ongoing tribute to the ground-breaking music of Western Swing pioneer Bob Wills, the Wheel is marking 2018 with their first album of new material in a decade.

With a fresh lineup featuring Guy Clark, The Avett Brothers and Katie Shore, a bracing blend of original songs and vibrant cover material and some unanticipated new musical tangents, Asleep At the Wheel demonstrates convincingly it's more relevant, enjoyable and musically nimble than any time in its 45-year history.

The band has won nine Grammy Awards since their 1970 inception, released over twenty albums, and has charted more than 20 singles on the Billboard country charts.